Time-Lapse Images

Special thanks to George’s Camera for generously donating the use of time-lapse photography equipment.  George’s Camera is dedicated to supporting San Diego’s cultural arts and the Fleet Science Center is grateful for their support.


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#7: Space Theater Renovation – New Screen!

In this three-minute video, the “stellar” team from Spitz attaches the 393 aluminum screen pieces to the web-like dome framework (see previous video).  Just a reminder, this is the world’s first NanoSeam IMAX Dome to be installed anywhere!  It will appear completely seamless under projection and improve the overall image quality of IMAX films by leaps and bounds.  By the way, this video moves pretty fast, so if you’d like a closer look at the installation of the last few tiles, check out Mary Anderson’s amazing photos HERE. 


#6: Space Theater Renovation – New Dome Grid

With the “dome-olition” complete, the structural framework for the new “NanoSeam” dome screen can be installed. In this one-minute video, the web-like framework is assembled. Please note that the black paint on the framework makes it rather difficult to see the individual pieces going up, and sometimes the crew blocks the camera… but keep watching to the end of the video, as it becomes easier to see about halfway through. The design & assembly of the new dome is being completed by the talented people at Spitz. .


#5: Space Theater “Dome-olition” – Framework & Speakers

This time-lapse video chronicles the web-like dome framework coming down, along with several of the original speakers.  All of the aluminum framework you see in this video was recycled, furthering our commitment to make this a completely “green” project.


#4: Space Theater “Dome-olition” – Tiles Come Down

Possibly the most dramatic moment during the “dome-olition” process, the 1,000+ individual perforated aluminum tiles are removed in this video. These tiles, which made up the geodesic pattern of the original screen, will soon be replaced by a state-of-the-art “NanoSeam” dome screen.


#3: Space Theater “Dome-olition” – Scaffolding Goes Up

To facilitate removal of the 76-foot geodesic dome screen, an elaborate system of scaffolding must be assembled. The crews create two level “dance floors” in this inclined theater, which allows them to use several rolling scaffolds.


#2: Space Theater “Dome-olition” – Day Two

Now that all 320 seats are out of the theater, it’s time to remove the carpeting! In this video, you can see the theater’s carpeting removed from the balcony down, including the carpeting on the walls! All carpeting is being recycled, as part of this GREEN renovation project.


#1: Space Theater “Dome-olition” – Day One

This time-lapse video shows the first day of Space Theater renovation activity (Sept. 4, 2008). Toward the beginning you can see the hole cut in the base of the dome screen, then the 300+ seats are removed from the bottom up. All of the seats were donated to several non-profit organizations, including local community theaters and churches.


5 Responses

  1. Love it! I will definitely check back for more time-lapse updates.

  2. Very cool! Thanks for keeping us up to date on the renovation. I’ll keep checking back.

  3. Thank you for doing the time-lapse updates. They are so exciting.

  4. Awesome job! It’s very interesting following the renovation progress. Appreciate the amount of details and the dedication of keeping people posted about this exciting project. Good luck.

  5. Great photography! I love #4 where the tiles come down. It reminds me of the opening credits to “Bugs!”

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