Fulldome production news – Calendar of upcoming events

Calendar of upcoming events at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center’s Heikoff Dome

Juney 12th 2014 – 6 to 10 PM-VIZ 40  CALIT at UCSD finals – Professor Brett Stalbaum

Professor Stalbaums classes are using Processing, an interesting and easy computer language for creating visuals.
You may attend if you so desire. Email to verify, but the finals may vary their starting time between 6 and 8 PM to accommodate the student’s schedules

March 23, 2015 – 7 PM to 11 PM NWEAMO music festival SDSU Professor Joseph Waters
This is the long running Electronic Arts and Music Festival mentored by Dr. Waters. DO NOT MISS this amazing event!
This years performances will be split between the Fulldome and other media related presentations at the Heikoff Dome Theater and the First Unitarian Church, which can more easily accommodate large musical ensembles. The web site gives details of prior performances and will reflect the 2014 show soon.
World wide Calendar of upcoming events

The FULLDOME UK 2014 programme will be held on the 7th AND 8th OF NOVEMBER, 2014 AT THE NATIONAL SPACE CENTRE


The host for Fulldome UK 2014 is the National Space Centre in Leicester. It is the UK’s largest visitor attraction dedicated to space and space exploration, welcoming around a quarter of a million visitors each year since its opening in June 2001. Located within the National Space Centre is the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium, the largest in the UK, with seating for 140 people.
More info can be found on their website: http://www.spacecentre.co.uk

Winners of the 2012 event




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