Fulldome production – Faking it AND Making it

Jason Fletcher from the Charles Hayden Planetarium – Museum of Science, Boston has published an excellent list of Fulldome production methods. He updates his list regularly, so I am providing a link to his exhaustive list. He  has equipment recommendations and software techniques.

Jason Fletcher’s list of FullDome production techniques

This image from Jason’s blog is an EXCELLENT guide to using the stock plugins in either After Effects or Photoshop to achieve a Fish-eye / Fulldome effect.

These can work to re-purpose existing content, but I would definitely suggest that using an actual Fish-eye lens and sufficient pixels will always be vastly superior. These are clearly labelled “Hacks”, so consider that.
The second best method is the Fulldome plug-in is FullDome.

There is also  DomeFX  from Sky-Skan, although I have not used it.
It looks quite similar to FullDome.