Domefest 2012 screening a success

With over 60 people in attendance I believe that the screening went well.
We saw the entire 2012 domefest reel, Scott Draves Firefly, Fractal Foundations The Magic Golden Box, and a sneak preview of Dark Side of the Moon.

I had intended that there be a social 1/2 hour before the screening, but instead what happened was that we all sat in the theater and I mostly talked and answered question.
Hey, who knew I could talk about Fulldome for 45 minutes? Grin..

I have a slightly older version of the power-point I presented on-line here:

The cliff notes:

Render at 4096 X 4096 to create your Dome Masters. Use the .PNG format. We play back at 30 FPS but soon we hope to move to 60! You will only see the central portion of the image.

dome filling template

Note that the top of the image is UPSIDE DOWN when viewed on the flat screen you are probably seeing this on…

Check carefully for invisible files and delete them because they cause problems.
Use fat 32 drive format or I can’t read your data!
Name your files with no capitals, spaces, or non standard characters. IE don’t give us files like this : Fall Sunset@: the lake 2004.PNG

Want to know what something will look like? Send me a still. I’ll slice it and put it on the dome for you.



All the best,

John Young


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