Full Dome Software listing

Several new Full Dome software packages have been created lately,
and it might be useful to list and review them when possible.

Blendy Dome VJ

Blendy Dome VJ is an intuitive fulldome mapping tool that features a realtime dome slicer and 3D content viewer designed for fulldome VJ‘s. This next generation software can easily map dome surfaces using 3-6 projector outputs and 1 to 2 Matrox Triplehead  adaptors to distort and project on curved surfaces.

Blendy Dome VJ reads any Syphon Server playing domemaster medias and also allows you to preview content on a virtual 3D dome. Studio Avante and United VJs are excited for this new inexpensive VJ tool and are available for technical support around the globe.

Q Lab
qlab_screenshot_1QLab allows you to design and operate amazing multimedia performances from your Mac OS X computer. A single QLab workspace can control audio, video, MIDI, OSC, and more.

Vertical dome used for R & D.

Photo courtesy of Paul Bourke

Introduction to spherical mirror and projector usage

Full Dome innovator Paul Bourke has designed an inexpensive method of  using a spherical mirror to project onto a dome. Several of his applications are listed below.
Original paper presented at SIGGRAPH in 2005

Spherical Mirror research results by Paul Bourke
This is a collection of material related to the projection into a hemispherical dome using a spherical mirror, a projection technique developed by Paul Bourke in 2003 and variously referred to as “sphemir” or “mirrordome”

Warp Player
Quartz Composer patches to use with Mirror Dome (Mac).

Warp Patch
Warp Patch for Quartz Composer (Mac).

Used for spherical mirror projection

VLC Player
This is a combination of the popular VLC player and the custom mesh support by Paul Bourke. (Mac and PC).


Additional avenues:

Quartz Composer
Quartz Composer is a development tool for processing and rendering graphical data. Its visual programming environment lets you develop graphic processing modules, called compositions, without writing a single line of code. Quartz Composer is also a framework that lets you programmatically access, manage, and manipulate compositions created with the development tool.

World Wide Telescope
This amazing tool is an excellent way to explore the sky. It can work with mirror dome, fish eye projectors, or flat screen.

The Sky
This planetarium software accommodates a variety of adjustments for the projector architecture..


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