Perception: See Beyond the Illusion

Well it seems that I’ve been remiss by not informing my readers of a great Fulldome show we just closed. I’m sorry you missed it!  Perception: See Beyond the Illusion was a presentation by World Champion of Magic Jason Latimer and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.
I’ve been scripted effects, shaping video and still images along with Jason’s producer Daniel Urbach. Jason and Daniel quickly grasped the FullDome concept and began using it in interesting ways.
This was a live stage presentation that combines the illusionist art, and FullDome visuals in a unique way. We flew to the edge of the Universe, went underwater, and turned the dome into a giant jig saw puzzle.
We added an extension to our small stage, and even removed the first two rows of seats to give Jason more room. The front row is now extremely close as he combines physics, psychology, chemistry mathematics and technology with his amazing effects. The dome is utilized to expand and illustrate the concepts from the stage show.
For several segments a camera and smaller video projector are used, allowing everyone a close up view. The camera shot is blended into a dome filling graphic of a beautiful theater.
Jason’s unique take on science and visual perceptions are the bedrock of this new and different show.
We were so impressed with Jason that we are going to make him our “Director of Impossible Science”. He will have his own space here to create a permanent exhibit.


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