Photos of Full Dome Digital getting ready for premiere 2/1/12!


4 Responses

  1. Very cool, but when are they going to bring back the Laserium type of show? I hope it is sooner than later. Sonicview?

    • Funny you should ask. Rock on Demand starts March 3rd. It will play on Saturday nights. Classic rock from Pink Floyd, Beatles, U2, etc. Audience chooses what songs get played. Very cool visuals. Keep checking the website for more info or “like” us on Facebook for updates.

    • A lot of the show is already pre-created, but here is a segment of the show I am going to be able to add. It is already sliced and ready to play in the theater. Note that the audio in this YouTube sample will not be played, but rock and roll instead.

      Here is another sample.

  2. Nice photos Mary, And the shots of the first show are good also. Lots of folks are going to get a LOT of pleasure and education from this system, and all our hard work.

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