The First Image on the Heikoff Dome Screen.

After Thursday night exciting first light, Friday we got another first: The first Image!

This grid is about 50 feet across

Of course, being engineers obsessed with getting the largest and brightest possible image  on our enormous screen, the first image is a test pattern. This image is a sort of polar grid, like the lines of latitude and longitude that cover the globe. Stretching from the far left to the far right,  this image from just one projector covers about 70 percent of the dome, about 50 feet across!  It’s sharpness will of course be greatly increased as it is focused and it will be improved in a number of ways.  My camera does not do it justice either!
Once a grid is looking good, and sharp across the entire surface, we can proceed to more interesting images.

Matt Roberts adjusting lens

Imagine with me for a moment, how difficult this is: Global Immersion has to cover not a FLAT screen, but the entire INSIDE of a large hemisphere. The ENTIRE area must be sharp and crisp and evenly illuminated.

But wait, there’s MORE!

We are using not just one but FOUR projectors. Each set of 2 projectors covers the dome. Why FOUR projectors then? Because they are doubled up, each area covered with the same image, exactly overlapping.This will make the image as bright as an IMAX film, a design goal from the beginning.


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