Brightening the Image

Second lens added as Global Immersion exec Martin Howe watches

The amount of light on the screen doubled tonight, as light from the first 8.2 Kilowatt lamp was joined by a second lamp. Soon 2 more lamps will be brightening our dome. When completed, the total amount of power used in this complex projection system will be 32.4 Kilowatts.

Several folks have asked us who these amazing folks are that are adding this incredible capability to the Heikoff Dome Theater.
We are pleased to announce that we are working with a company called Global Immersion. Tonight their CEO dropped by for an inspection of the work.  Gamely wearing a hard hat against the posibillity of a head injury on the work site,  he was pleased by the progress, and will return tomorrow night for a closer look.

Visit their web site @ Global Immersion

 Global Immersion CEO Martin Howe
Global Immersion CEO Martin Howe visits the site to inspect the work

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