Mounting the SONY Projectors

On November 30th, the Heikoff Dome Theater was closed for one of the VERY few times in the 29 years I have worked here. The occasion was the installation of four SONY SRXT420 Projectors on the projector stands that had been installed in past few days. Each projector weighed in at 400 pounds, and they were skillfully  and carefully hoisted into place by our movers.

A movable cherry picker

This ingenious wheeled contraption lowered the projectors onto the stands.

Very expensive and very delicate, the projectors were maneuvered into position and bolted down.

For the next few days the workers added air ducts to the system to bring the air that was heated by the four 4.3 kilowatt lamps away from the projectors.

cooling ducts on projectors

cooling ducts on projectors

Like a plumbers dream, air ducts twine around the projector, slurping hot air away from the projectors

 The next step is to install the lamps and lenses, as well as the servers for both video and audio.


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