First Light from the projectors at 2:10 am on 12-8-11

waiting for First Light

A significant moment in the life of an instrument is the moment when light first flows through it.
Our First Light on Phase 2 occurred at 2:10 am on 12-8-11.

Matt Roberts carefully monitored the lamps performance and did preliminary work on the lenses after the lamps were switched on.

Matt Roberts is thrilled by the light from two of the projectors

Perhaps a small thing, none the less we felt like a part of history tonight, beginning a legacy that will educate the next generation of visitors to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

We have Ignition! WOO HOO!

first light reaction from Jan Breens and Matt Fox

WHATS all the excitement?

This shimmery blob, when properly spread out by the completed lens, and driven by the 8,847,360 pixels, will spark imaginations and dreams for many thousands of people when it fills the dome with amazing scientific simulations and more.

Spark of dreams


One Response

  1. And they said “Let there be light” and there it was.

    Good work guys! Thank you all for putting in so many long hours.

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