Phase 2: Asembling the projector stands

The theodolite allows precise alignment of the projector stands, vital to the setup of the projectors

 Jack contemplates the Theodolite

Theodolite information

The first step is knowing just WHERE to put the stands, since so much depends on their perfect placement.
In this image Global Immersion engineer Jack Langley uses the theodolite to plan the location of the projectors.

Jack Langley, Matt Roberts and Andrew Zadarnowsy. from Global Immersion

These folks have been putting in some very long and late hours to install and align the stands and will also be here to place the projectors.  Good job men!
GI and the Fleet has been committed to minimizing the closure and impact. In face we are only closing the theater for ONE DAY, tomorrow, November 30th.
And even then, we are having our 2 school show in the morning, and THEN closing the theater for the rest of the day. The Science Center WILL still be open however.

And the theater will be open the next day!

Prepare to have your socks knocked off!


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