Phase 2: The projectors and their placement

When completed, phase 2 will display extremely bright and high resolution video imagery covering almost all of our dome.
Full dome video will consist not just of per-created sequences, but also of live created and manipulated in real time video images. Images of astronomy, biology, geology, and other scientific disciplines.
Artistic creations will be included as well, created both by experienced professionals, and new explorers of the visual realm.
Picture a video game, only instead of blowing things up, we are rotating biological structures, and looking at various scientific visualizations.

Our target for resolution is to start with 4000 by 4000 pixels, and eventually to increase that to 8,000 by 8,000 pixels.

Projector placement
Other full dome theaters have placed the projectors around the perimeter of the dome, in what is called a “cove”.
This allows the projectors to be outside of the screen, with the noise and heat of the several thousand watt lamps away from the audience.
A major drawback of this placement is that the light from the projectors in FRONT of the audience that are aimed at the rear of the theater, is very apparent.

However, the Heikoff dome theater does not have a cove. Fortunately we DO have an excellent central space called “The Pit” where the star projector was.

This has the advantage of keeping the light from the projectors out of the audiences eyes. But it has the disadvantage of placing FOUR 85 decibel noise sources in the center of an acoustically reflective area.
Also it requires us to bring cool air IN and warm air OUT. The air will be warmed by passing over four 4.2 KW watt lamps

Global Immersion plans to prevent excessive sound from escaping via a complex and robust enclosure that will maintain the silky silence of space and also route the heat out as needed.
The lenses, colored blue in this computer rendering  have a 90 degree bend in them to place the image where it is needed on the dome.

The Projector
The worlds brightest video projector at 21,000 Lumens.
We’re getting FOUR!

Technical Specifications of the projector.


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