Fulldome Production News – Issue 1

Hi, and welcome to the bi-weekly issue of Fulldome production news.

Here are many links and references to Fulldome resources.

Here is a good talk from Michael Daut, Director of Show Production/Marketing at Evans and Sutherland.
The talk was held at IMERSA, a major player in organizing Fulldome producers and venues.
Michael Daut talk

Michaels talk is featured on the Fulldome database site: a good source of information about shows, tools and events.

DOMEMASTER Photoshop action pack – I can’t wait to try these out!

IMERSA: “Celebrating and promoting immersive digital experiences for education and entertainment in planetariums, schools, museums and attractions”.

“We love standards – that’s why we have so many of them!” JY




And so, here are MORE standards – even more stringent – but don’t be dismayed if your dome is less than 60 feet or you have less than 16 audio channels… These are LARGE screen standards.

There are a few good articles on Fulldome production in the Western Alliance of planetariums newsletter.

Excellent astronomy visualization/planetarium software – the flat screen version is free, fish-eye/dome is not so free.

In 2014 we held the New West Evolving Art and Music festival at the Fleet.


Learn about Dr. Waters here:     http://music.sdsu.edu/index.php/faculty/joseph_waters

and here:  http://http://www.josephwaters.com/


Ben Shedd on creating for the large format

John Young
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

(619) 685-5731

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